Fly Feather : Vegetable Salad Slicer Bowl With Gas Lighter Combo

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Vegetable Salad Slice Bowl

Salad cutter bowl machine for kitchen Super Handy salad maker, vegetable cutter, salad slicer & Multipurpose veggie Cutter.

60 Sec. Suprising Salad cutter Bowl or 360 degree Adjustable  cutter bowl handy.

Get ready to take your salad making skills to whole new age process level this handy salad cutter slicer new gadget that makes washing, straining, cutting, tossing easier than ever so make your fresh healthy salad just less than a minute like a professional master chef.

Salad cuter machine bowl and chopper is an absolutely useful souvenir item for kitchen. Stop spending hours before you have your salad prepared. Get your veggies inside the bowl slice through the slots with a knife then rotate the top lid using the notches at the base slice again for the crosscut.

Salad cutter Bowl has two Rotation wings added on both sides of the bowl helps it lift easier. Salad bowl cutter has a sink around the bottom base to avoid leakage onto the counter. keeps it no mess and less hassel.

Multipurpose salad cutter that cuts vegetable, salad veggies healthily and fascinating – and its perfect for even people who cannot spend much time on cutting and are not fine cook. 4 in 1 Salad bowl slicer cutter strainer is amazing. It works great!


Gas Lighter

Gas lighter is the most usable tool in kitchen.

If we talk about years back. Lighter was the essential tool for the kitchen but not everybody can afford it at that time. But if we look up to this new era everybody can afford it easily and even in best quality. As regarding the same we have try to make something new which is our Stainless steel Gas Lighter. It gives the same features which everyone has given but we have tried to give the some unique material which is High grade stainless steel.

Your Lighter won’t rust with outer environment, with the clicks of lighter you will flame your gas stove easily in couple of seconds. Having experienced test for many cycles we do have customer reviews for this Gas Lighter. The standard lighting system guarantees it very well for lightning your stove.




5 reviews for Fly Feather : Vegetable Salad Slicer Bowl With Gas Lighter Combo

  1. kinal pithadiya

    I m looking for lighter only but when I see this offer I cant wait to buy so I buy this because I also wanted to buy such one thing for kitchen at Diwali but i buy this earlier before it being out of stock.

  2. uma joshi

    i m looking for some cutter and salad maker at that time I found this and I m surprised when I see it is in combo and I m always try new things for my kitchen so I buy this and I m so happy now after buying this.

  3. hetvi patodiya

    I am fully satisfied with this salad cutter. Best for making fruit salad and vegetable salad.very easy to use and great working. Quality is beyond my expectations. also. the gun gas lighter has the supreme quality and its good quality all metallic but the trigger should have a rubber cap for comfort. Best at this price

  4. hinal manni

    this combo is very helpful for kitchen usage to make it easier. the gun gas lighter has good quality and rubber gives a strong grip to safe your hands from gas strove. also this slicer bowl givea perfect slice od vegetables to make the salad quickly. must buy!

  5. fatima vakef

    The prise of this product combo is less, this product is a very good product. It is available at very convenient rates as against its prices. The quality of this product combo is very strong and sustainable. I have used it. the Vegetable Salad Slicer Bowl With Gas Lighter Combo is helpful products in the kitchen area to give safety from injuries.

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