Fly Feather : 4 In 1 Combo – Potato Masher + Vegetable peeler + Gas Lighter

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Vegetable Cutter with Peeler

2 in 1 Vegetable cutter with Peelers perform both cutting and peeling of fruits and vegetables. You can use this Vegetable Peeler and Slicer as the best salad machine In comparison to other Peelers and Cutters. This Salad Peeler is made up with High-quality Plastic and having five sharp blades in it. What we have to do is just that we need to put vegetables and fruit inside the peeler and need to press like a stapler to cut the veggies and fruits in seconds. It does have sharper blades into it; also it is Non-electric, handy, and easy to use, easy to clean. It is suitable for Vegetables like Ladyfingers, Cucumber, beans, carrot, tomato, radish, and all your salad veggies. It is very easy to use and convenient. This multipurpose fruit and vegetable cutter with peeler is the smartest tool for your kitchen

Potato masher

Potato masher Is one type of kitchen tool which is using it to mash vegetables. It is most useful for mashing stuffing of boiled potatoes. While making pav bhaji , paratha , masala dosa, or any other stuffing. It is also useful for grinding and mashing tomato or any other gravy while cooking. This Potato masher is made up of two materials the plate is made with stainless steel and the handle is made with wood so that if you are mashing boiled potatoes or any other warm gravy at that time your hand doesn’t affect with hot steam due to wooden handle.

The handle gives the perfect grip to Hold the masher. We can say It contains the best wooden handle which is strong enough to hold and jointed with a stainless steel plate that interconnects with the handle. It does have a Heatproof body so it will be useful for multipurpose. It is easy to clean after every use. Masher is a 100% Safe product, with this masher you can speed up in your daily task.

Gas Lighter – knife- peeler-smooth Grater

Gaslighter is the most useful tool in the kitchen. If we talk about years back Lighter was the essential tool for the kitchen but not everybody can afford it at that time, but if we look up to this new era everybody can afford it easily and even in best quality, as regarding the same we have tried to make something new which is our Stainless steel Gas Lighter. It gives the same features which everyone has given but we have tried to give them some unique material which is High-grade stainless steel. Your Lighter won’t rust with the outer environment, with the clicks of lighter you will flame your gas stove easily in a couple of seconds. Having experienced tests for many cycles we do have customer reviews for this Gas Lighter. The standard lighting system guarantees it very well for lightning your stove.

4 reviews for Fly Feather : 4 In 1 Combo – Potato Masher + Vegetable peeler + Gas Lighter

  1. samir marvaniya

    I have to manage large kitchen and make pau bhaji for 1000 people every day so we need something to work fast and safely so I buy this combo and I’m very happy to review this because people of my kitchen are happy to use it and we are making now faster than before it helps us to save our 1 to 2 hours.

  2. rohit chauhan

    This Potato Masher with Vegetable peeler gives Elegant look to my dining area, the kitchen also the cutlery list. This combo is being useful in my kitchen and regular usage like make different recipes. I recommend this combo for saving time in the kitchen.

  3. dimple sidhai

    Apart from being good quality, this chopper cum peeler is so convenient and easy to use. It’s sturdy so chopping veggies have no problem. Peeler works well too. Also, it saves time! This gas lighter helps to start gas strove from far to save your hand from burns. Also, This potato masher helps mash the potato finely.

  4. kajal dhanani

    Easy to clean. Easy to use. Must have in the kitchen. Reduces workload significantly. I really enjoy using this product. I always want this type of good quality product. must-buy!

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