Salad Cutter Bowl Upgraded Easy Salad Maker, Vegetable Cutter, Salad Chopper Bowl & Salad Slicer


Are you often too lazy to make salads?. Do you think it takes too much time? With our Salad Cutter known as Vegetable cutter Bowl, you’ll ditch it, only 60 seconds and your salad is ready!!! Our easy Vegetable Cutter Bowl allows you to save lots of time making healthy salads. It is easier and more convenient for you to form healthy salads a day. Finish within only 60 seconds!
The continued ‘cut and rotate’ design of the Smart Cut Salad allows you to quickly and simply make a healthy chopped salad for lunch and dinner. Particularly great for lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and other leafy greens. It’s perfect for sweet fruit salads too!


Salad Cutter Bowl Upgraded Easy Salad Maker, Vegetable Cutter, Salad Chopper Bowl & Salad Slicer

Now you don’t need to use different utensils for cut vegetables and fruits for cooking. First-rate shoppers come with this new thing, which is using hassle-free. Where you can get four different functionality in 1 product, which knows a salad slicersalad choppervegetable chopper, and another name is salad cutter bowl. This thing specially manufactures for making a salad in a few minutes. So, this is known as a salad maker.

  • Use for Fresh Salad Making.
  • This Vegetable Cutter is suitable for all types of cutting.
  • This Salad Cutter is an easy choice for salad lovers without the scare of cutting fingers.
  • Salad Cutter or Vegetable Cutter knew as a fresh salad chopper bowl.

Rinse, Cut And Serve: Salad Cutter | Vegetable Cutter

Making fresh vegetable and fruit salads have never been easier.
Simply add your favorite produce or fruit to the strainer (colander), attach the chopping board, grab a knife, cut along the cutting guide and serve your salad


The Smart Cut Salad contains a chopping board, strainer (colander) and chopping guide, and a salad bowl, all of which conveniently, You can buy our other same Vegetable Cutter as well from here.
Salad chopper bowl is a very use full thing today. Nowadays, after corona pandemic situation, we all have to earn money. All members are going to do a job or works for the money. So using this salad chopper bowl, it’s helpful to chop all the vegetables in a minute. Salad chopper is Easy and perfect vegetable chopping board ever and easily washable without any worries.



  • Easily chop all the veggies
  • Dishwasher free
  • Offers cutting vegetable cutting board
  • Special container for wash the vegetables (strainer)
  • Easily rotation wings
  • Wave – edge design
  • Hanging hole


Preparing your beautiful chopped salad should be quick and easy — not a chore! Making a perfect salad is easier.
Salad cutter bowl is an advance kitchen accessory.
Fast, Easy, Safe – Making fresh & healthy salad is no longer a chore. Rinse, chop, and serve any salad in a short time with Upgraded Salad Maker. Fewer tools and never cut fingers. Great Choice for salad lovers.
FDA Approved Healthy Bowl for Vegetable Cutter- Made of HDPE+PP Food Grade Material – 100% BPA Free and dishwasher safe. No need to worry it will endanger your family’s health.
Upgraded Version of Salad Cutter– There is a “Sink” around the bottom base to avoid juice spilling onto the counter. Keep Your Counters Clean & Dry;
Compared with “flat” design of the bowl, our Wavy-edge Design makes you easily and quickly rotate the bowl;
Two Rotation Wings added on both sides of the bowl makes it easy to move or lift the top bowl;
A hanging hole is convenient to store the chopping base and keep it dry & clean.
4 Functions in 1 Bowl – Make a fast salad with fewer tools. Vegetable Bowl + Water Strainer + Cutting Board + Safe Slicer = Our Salad Maker Bowl.
So, this Vegetable Cutter is used to chop all the vegetables and fruits, and especially for those people who are love to eat salad, this Salad Cutter has different functions to operate and you can use it for multiple items as mentioned in the images. . Click for More Products


Generally, a salad chopper bowl uses for making a salad or cuts vegetables and fruits in a minute. Salad chopper is not only used for cut the vegetable and fruits, but you can also use this salad chopper for cuts and leafy vegetables, hassle-free. Just have to put leafy vegetables together in a container and adjust a container on the chopping board after you can easily chop all the leafy vegetables together.