Fly Feather Best Vegetable / Onion / Hand Chopper with Stainless Steel Blades


‘Fly Feather’ introduces a new food/vegetable chopper, which is manufacture with entirely virgin plastic material, including stainless steel blades and best quality material and guaranteed, food or vegetable chopper. Everyone can quickly deal with this veg—chopper with hassle-free. You can chop everything in a minute, when you want to make a salad or any other things like onion gravy etc. chopper knife (blade) having enough sharpness for chop an onion, cerate, chilies, gingers, etc. Vegetable chopper is also helping top and best choice for making any pastes at home, chopper having an affordable price range for wholesales and single quantity.



Why This is Best Vegetable / Food / Hand Chopper Ever? :

This vegetable chopper is best vegetable chopper why? We have many reasons for these questions answer. Let’s see one by one first; Generally, all choppers are manufacture with regular plastic material and which is not safe to use in the kitchen or regular bases uses, now don’t worry about this problem ‘Fly Feather’ company manufacture, this vegetable chopper with virgin plastic material, which is safe in kitchen usage.

It is not complete here. Typically handy chopper is quickly damaged in a few months of purchases, but this handy chopper has enough durability and Strangeness. This handy chopper is not damaged easily, so we know as an unbreakable vegetable chopper. Vegetable chopper is a durable and robust thread to pull out and in the grip, for easily and fastly chop vegetables or foods.

We can say this happily that, this vegetable food chopper is a ‘Made in India‘ product each part’s of the chopper is manufacturing is here in India, For Verification of product you can read this sentence at the bottom of the chopper. Let’s talk about the feather of a vegetable chopper or hand chopper.

Features of Vegetable / Hand Chopper:

  • Manufacturer with Virgin Plastic Material
  • Vegetable chopper knife (blade) having a stainless steel material
  • Vegetable chopper’s lead having a two German screw
  • Strong and durable vegetable chopper
  • Scratch fewer Vegetable choppers
  • Available in Two types Big chopper (1000ml) & mini Chopper (450ml)


1) Chopper meaning?

Chopper has two meanings: the first one is a vegetable chopper or food chopper that is used in the kitchen, and another is a helicopter.

2) What is chopper?

First vegetable chopper is used in the kitchens to chop some vegetables together or make vegetables gravy, and another chopper is used for transportation.

3) Which vegetable chopper is best?

This ‘Fly Feather’ vegetable chopper is the best vegetable chopper or food chopper. You buy only from this website.

4) Is Available in small size?

‘Fly Feather’ company manufacture this chopper in small size is called a mini chopper; this mini chopper is available in 450ml.

5) Is chopper useful for chop onion?

YES, this vegetable chopper is also helping full of chopping and onions for making testy gravy or pastes at home quickly.

6) This vegetable chopper is safe in use?

This Vegetable chopper is best and perfect in daily uses because this vegetable chopper is manufacture with virgin plastic material.


This vegetable chopper is one of the best vegetable choppers from other food choppers because this food chopper manufactures with a best and quality plastic material known as virgin plastics and hand chopper’s lead fitting with two German screws make a healthy lead of a vegetable chopper. If you want to buy vegetable chopper for personal usage or single quantity you can call us on +91 8200422703, you can get more information from our contact page.


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450ml, 1000ml


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