Fly Feather Combo of clever cutter with quick Chopper




2 in 1 Clever Cutter

Vegetable Cutter is a unique type of Clever Cutter Which will help you to cut your vegetables and fruits. This Cutter makes our work easy, it will help in Slicing, Cutting, and Chopping our Soft Veggies and Fruits .moreover this vegetable cutter knife is dishwasher safe, Food safe, rust-free, Heat resistant, Lightweight and Durable.

This Cutter is recommended as the best kitchen knife which is made with High-grade stainless steel material which is food safe and rust-free, handles are made with Unbreakable ABS plastic material that impacts resistance and toughness and it also does have locking hinge spring action, you can say it is one type of safety lock system, Spring which avoids suspension to make this knife more flexible and whenever cutter is not in use you can lock it so that it will not harm, even though it is used as a bottle opener also due to it’s a sharp blade.

The vegetable cutter now becomes a necessary kitchen cutter tool for all.  Sometimes cutters and kitchen knives are not giving the best output which we want always. While keeping all the facts and solutions in mind this clever cutter is made with superior structure so that we can use it easily and safely. This cutter knife will make your kitchen smarter than earlier. It is Ideal to cut all types of fruits and vegetables like tomato, coriander, Cucumber, chilly, Capsicum, radish, broccoli, Cauliflower, and all leafy vegetables and meat, or even any soft fruits. Replace all your kitchen knives and cutlery with one by using our Vegetable and Fruit Cutter Knife.

Quick Chopper


Why spend so much cooking time when you can own this magic mini chopper?

Must Buy this Manual Chopper for kitchen mini item. It Will save your time greatly and do wonders for you a whole lot easier. This Chopper vegetable cutter effortless chops fruits, vegetables & nuts in less than a minute.

No electricity needed! Convenient substitute to manually chopping very strong with quality rope for pulling it works like magic. Effortless for real Manual chopper and vegetable cutter ultra-resistant , stainless-steel blades will chop food to any size, quickly & Easily while the integrated steel blade keeps everything moving for consistent chopping reduces the workload ten folds.

How to use chopper for kitchen? Simply place your ingredients in the bowl, attach the lid & pull the handle this triggers the blade inside rotor blades at speed for faster chopping. No mess, No burning sensation quick and  wow easy. Eliminates the need for cutting boards.

Cuter Vegetable is Designed with unbreakable ABS.  Which, enables long life superior performance food grade BPA plastic is safe to use for chopping vegetables. Seamless process cleans straight away using lukewarm water mild detergent make ready for next usage.

Eco-friendly suitable for use by families restaurants salad makers .