Thirst Quencher Combo of 2 Hydra: Hot water Bottle for warm water


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Hot Water Bottle: Thirst Quencher Hot Water Bottle for Warm Water in Corona Pandemic


We are glad to know that this time we have come up with a combo pack of two, Now You can easily buy Two Hot Water Bottles for you at your convenient rate, don’t you think so it’s a great deal for you. One for you and another one for your loved ones. The topmost reason why anyone buys combo pack just because of Price skimming you will get TWO bottles of Reasonable price, We are offering the most fantastic benefits to our customers. Instead of buying one Bottle, you can buy two, why only one should use the product in the house, everybody has equal rights. Everyone should take care of their health and in this Pandemic Situation, one should not compromise their health, Due to these circumstances we have come up with this COMBO idea. Where you can buy Two Thirst Quencher Hot water Bottle for warm water in Corona pandemic.

Thirst Quencher Thermo flask Hot water Bottle is made with two lids, a leak-free airtight, a top for maximum thermal retention, and the temperature of your warm and cold beverages. A vacuum flask insulated Hot water bottle made of stainless steel eliminates the transfer of flavor from one beverage to another. The Taste of any drink will not change. Hot water Bottle has been designed with the vacuum technology that enables Keep liquids warm for a long duration it is one of the useful techniques in segregating fatty acids, vitamins, oils, insecticides, and helps to enhances temperature retention.

You can carry this bottle everywhere with you. It may be a garden, gym, office, Sports club, beach, or anywhere where you want your perfect hygiene partner. Why use plastic bottles and other disposable and harmful materials when our food-grade Stainless-steel vacuum flask Thirst Quencher water Bottle design, will last longer? Forget the past and Enter into new Thirst Quencher World and move forward with us! You can say Thirst Quencher SS Vacuum flask Hot water Bottle is dealing with the most advanced technology available to the world, which you can order to provide hydration bottles that are both durable and safe, now it is available in a combo pack of two.

Thirst Quencher Thermo flask Hot water Bottle is ideal for those who wish to warm water. The water does not cool down even after 18hrs of storing. You can keep water at a temperature slightly warmer than you usually consume. No risking of breaking the flask. You can buy a Combo pack of Two bottles from here as well.