Fly Feather Tranduious Unbreakable Quality Apple Cutter

(3 customer reviews)

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3 reviews for Fly Feather Tranduious Unbreakable Quality Apple Cutter

  1. susmita mahajan

    i m looking for an apple cutter since past 6 months finally I found one that helps me in less time

  2. krupali nimavat

    i m part of one NGO that help people in hospital. we help people those are unable to buy food so we provide apple and more fruits for vitamins but they have no knife and it is costly to provide a knife to everyone so now we are giving them apple in paper plate who we cut with the help of this tool and it saves our time and effort also.

  3. vishva malhotra

    i m interested in buying new things for the kitchen so I buy this and it helps me a lot while I wanted to cut vegetables and fruits it is not specific for apple it is working well on others also.

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